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Dexter Roettker

Dexter Roettker

Financial Professional

""I found financial planning as a profession where I could make a positive impact on as many people throughout my life as possible. It is my passion to help simplify the personal finance world for everyone by creating an educational environment for my clients. Always taking the time to guide them through all their options so they have a full understanding of their situation while we take the steps towards achieving their financial goals. 


My Core Beliefs:


I believe there is no one perfect approach to building a financial plan, and everyone deserves to have their own personal plan built to aid them in achieving their goals. I accomplish this by working with my clients to create a step by step holistic plan curated for each family and individual that will center around the personal and financial goals in their life. 


I believe the only way to truly build a solid financial plan is to take the time to fully learn and understand each unique situation or stage of life my client is in. Using this knowledge to uncover the best possible options for each and every phase throughout their life.


I believe the only constant in life is change. Making a quality level of continued and consistent service through every step of life a vital part of any successful financial plan. Insuring we will always be proactive while we adapt to changing circumstances.


In my spare time, I enjoy living an active lifestyle spent with friends and family creating as many new memories as possible. The time I spend with my family being the most important part of my life, whether it is taking every chance to make more time for family or traveling the world with them. I cherish every opportunity I have to experience every new adventure my family has!""