Our Process


At Stonebridge Wealth Strategies, our mission is simple. We help families and individuals as they build wealth for the future while protecting their assets from the unforeseen. Through small manageable steps, we help you work toward achieving better financial health. We believe in an educational approach to financial planning. This empowers you to take control of your finances and makes you an integral part of the process. How do we do it? We get to know you. Once we understand your vision for the future, we develop a customized strategy to help you achieve it.


Every person’s financial journey is different. Whether you are just starting out or nearing the later stages of your journey, our four-step process will help you bring your future into focus.


It all starts with a conversation. We learn about your goals and gather information about your current financial situation.


Knowing that every plan is unique, we establish a comprehensive strategy based on your personal objectives.


Keeping in mind your specific goals, we select suitable products and services to implement your strategy.


After the strategy is implemented, regular reviews are vital. Over time, adjustments are needed to make sure you are on track towards meeting your goals.

For many, this might be the biggest asset they own. Make sure you understand all the options and get the most out of your benefit.

How we help our clients

  • Maximizing social security benefits
  • Understanding public pension claiming options
  • Building an income plan including not just assets but also pensions and social security
  • Keep focused to meet changing objectives
  • Quantifying income changes if someone passes

From cost effective family protection to using life insurance as an asset, we’ll make sure you know what life, disability, and long-term care options best fit your needs.

How we help our clients

  • Reviewing older life insurance polices
  • Understanding and quantifying risk
  • Building a plan for Long Term Care
  • Reviewing work benefits such as short- and long-term disability insurance
  • Protecting for the unforeseen

Accumulation strategies to get you to retirement and holistic, tax efficient distribution plans to get you through.

How we help our clients

  • Building a savings plan to get to retirement
  • Developing a plan for income in retirement
  • Simulating different changes in retirement
    • Changes in growth rates, inflation, or taxes to name a few

From planning for generational wealth to making sure assets pass to heirs correctly, our firm has the resources to help clients.

How we help our clients

  • Building intergenerational financial plans
  • Discussing changes to legislation and how that affects legacy plans
  • Leveraging assets to provide more for the next generation
  • Access to experts that help build legacy plans using wills, trusts, etc.

Taxes have one of the biggest impact on how much you make and more importantly, how much you keep.

How we help our clients

  • Building and maintaining tax efficient investment portfolios
  • Finding savings strategies designed to save taxes
  • Identifying Roth conversion opportunities
  • Working with tax advisors to streamline tax preparation

Our firm has access to world class money managers to help our client grow their wealth.

How we help our clients

  • Vetting investment managers
  • Building efficient, diversified portfolios
  • Designing different portfolios for different needs
  • Understand markets, volatility and being invested for the long term

$691 Million in Asset Under Management

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Over 100 years combined Experience

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Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck